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Oklahoma Vs. Kansas State: Bob Stoops Congratulates Wildcats For Execution

The Kansas State Wildcats' upset of the Okahoma Sooners on Saturday was much to do with three OU turnovers, but Bob Stoops also gave credit to the Wildcats for taking advantage of those with sound execution. The Wildcats' 24-19 victory was about opportunity.

Said Stoops via Kansas State's website:

"The (Kansas State) guys really, which they have been doing and everyone knows, played hard, played well," Stoops said. "Executing in a big football game. As our team goes, the number one thing that's obvious is turnovers. It's just bad football when you turn the football over, give a touchdown when you're inside the one yard line on second down and you lose the football."

Sooners quarterback Landry Jones was hit by Justin Tuggle early in the second quarter near the goal line, and the KSU defense recovered to score a touchdown and put the Wildcats ahead 7-3. Another fumble resulted in a field goal for the Wildcats on the next possession.

Jones also threw a pick later in the game that turned into points for Bill Snyder's team.

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