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Landry Jones: 'We Played Really Dumb Football' Against Kansas State

Clearly unhappy with a gut-wrenching 24-19 loss to Kansas State on Saturday, Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones spoke to the media after the game and pinned much of the blame on his team's poor decision-making in key situations.

Above all though, the 23-year-old senior owned up to his meager one touchdown performance like a leader should.

"It seemed like we couldn’t put it together," Jones said. "We played really dumb football, me especially. The fumble, the pick, missed Moose [Brannon Green] on the tight end pop-up play. A lot of different plays left up to me."

Although he tossed a season-high 43 passes in the loss, Jones' biggest play of the evening actually came on a 27-yard pass to freshman Trey Metoyer to push the Sooners into scoring position. The fact that a high-powered offense like Oklahoma's was held to such a meager offensive performance speaks volumes about head coach Bill Snyder's Kansas State defense going forward. And while Jones is quick to point the blame at his own program for the loss, there's no denying the Wildcats earned every last bit of Saturday's victory.

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