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K-State has high praise for punter Ryan Doerr

Kansas State punter Ryan Doerr has had an excellent start to the season, and KSU coach Bil Snyder was full of praise for the senior punter on Tuesday. During the Wildcats' weekly press conference, Snyder was asked about Doerr. He had the following to say in response:

Number one, Ryan is a good worker. He takes a lot of pride in his skill level and his contribution to our football team and special teams. The result of all of his kicks was positive, and some of them probably were not as good of kicks as he would like, but the fact is that he put them all inside the 20-yard line. He has become a pretty good pooch kicker, and Sean (Snyder) works diligently on that. We got some excellent field position. That certainly helps the entirety of your football team, but anybody on the defensive group that comes up here and visits with you will tell you how significant it is. When Oklahoma has to start on its own 10-yard line instead of its 30, it is a big difference, a major difference, and it has an impact on the outcome of the ball game. It is a field position ball game, and there are a lot of things that contributed to field position and certainly Ryan’s punting was one of them.

Doerr punted the ball five times against the Oklahoma Sooners, and every one of his punts was downed inside the Oklahoma 20 yard line. The player himself was also asked about his performance over the weekend, and he had the following to say:

Well, the offense moved the ball really well and put me in the position to be able to put the punts inside the 20. I just wanted to get out there and help the team out as much as I could and hopefully pin them deep.

KSU is now 4-0 on the season due in part to the punting game, and they'll play host to the University of Kansas on Saturday as they attempt to win their fifth game of the season. The game is scheduled to kickoff at 11 a.m. CT from Bill Snyder Stadium.