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Bill Snyder says it's vital to 'use the bye week wisely'

Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder shared with the media in Tuesday's press conference that he plans on "utilizing the time wisely" during his team's bye week.

Fresh off a 24-19 victory over the Oklahoma Sooners on the road at Norman, Snyder explained that it's important to give his players rest as much as possible without losing that motivation factor:

"We do not have to do all of the physical work that the players do, and so players need a little bit of time ... We met yesterday, but we did not practice yesterday, which we normally practice Monday."

But just because they may have gotten to take it easy doesn't mean that Snyder plans to continue to let it be that way:

"We will practice throughout the next three days, and then we will have meetings on Friday and have an AM practice on Saturday. Our coaches looked at a lot of different things, the major thing that they are looking at right now is what we can do to assist the players in becoming better players, better units, and, consequently, a better team."

Snyder did add that these practices aren't about "the hustle-bustle of trying to get prepared for the next opponent right away" but rather trying to continue to improve and carry the momentum from last week's victory. When asked if the bye week was a positive thing though, Snyder quickly replied that only later results will be able to answer that question:

"I think we will have to wait two weeks to see. Ask me two Tuesdays from now and I will have a better idea."

The Wildcats (4-0) take the field again Oct. 6 against a Kansas Jayhawks team that has lost three straight.