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College football ranking: Kansas State listed 6th in latest BlogPoll

The Kansas State Wildcats jumped up eight spots in SB Nation's BlogPoll following Saturday's 24-19 upset of the then No. 6 ranked Oklahoma Sooners.

Kansas State is now ranked sixth after the most current polling behind Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, LSU and Georgia in that order. The Wildcats were also one of seven teams to receive at least one first place vote with the fine gentlemen over at the Arizona State blog House of Sparky believing Kansas State is the best team in the land.

By handing Oklahoma the loss, the Wildcats knocked the Sooners down eleven spots in the rankings and they now rest at 17th overall.

Along with Kansas State and Oklahoma, there are two other Big 12 schools in the top 25 (the Texas Longhorns and the TCU Horned Frogs).

Kansas State's position shouldn't fluctuate that much with the team not taking the field again till Oct. 6 against the Kansas Jayhawks. After that, the Wildcats have another Big 12 foe in the form of Iowa State before their marquee matchup against West Virginia on the road (ranked tenth in the latest BlogPoll).