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Collin Klein discusses K-State improvement during bye week

Following their huge win over the Oklahoma Sooners on Saturday, the senior quarterback for the Kansas State Wildcats, Collin Klein, talked about the team's focus on getting better during this week's bye in preparation for the in-state showdown with Kansas coming up on Oct. 6.

Here's Klein speaking during the team's weekly press conference about the team's performance so far:

"I think we have made some improvements in some areas, no question about it. We are moving in the right direction, but it is still just work and we are trying to get better."

Klein, who completed 13-of-21 passes for 149 yards and recorded a rushing touchdown in the Wildcats' victory over Oklahoma, also stressed the importance of the bye week, saying that it is "something we have, and it is what we make of it." He added that "we are just trying to get a little rest and try to rejuvenate a little bit, and also, at the same time, get better."

The senior signal-caller added this, on making the most of the off-week:

"A lot of good things that have happened this year are a result of that mentality, and we just have to remember our mode of operation. What has got us to this point and just keep it up every single day. We take care of the days in between and we will be just fine."