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Kansas State's Bill Snyder Still Not Pleased With Wildcats Football

The Kansas State Wildcats might have won their 2012 season opener against Missouri State in a 51-9 laugher, but don't tell that to Wildcats head coach Bill Snyder, who wasn't too happy with the way his Wildcats played.

On what the defining moment of the game was...
"The defining moment was the first half of the ballgame. It was a 6-6 ballgame in the first half and we had yet to score a touchdown."

Snyder does have a pretty good point here, as the Wildcats should never go a half against Missouri State without punching it in the endzone.

On the team avoiding a slow start this season...
"I said that when I came back, I did not think there would be any generation gap, but I am beginning to believe there is. It seems like we are not very good at explaining what we are talking about. I am going to tell the team to have a really slow start next week and see what happens."

Next week, the Wildcats play host to the Miami Hurricanes, so another slow start akin to Saturday's game will likely mean a loss for Kansas State.

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