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Kansas State Vs. Miami: Bill Snyder Focused On Duke Johnson

Miami Hurricanes freshman running back Duke Johnson received his fair share of national attention following his breakout debut this past weekend and apparently Kansas State head coach Billy Snyder was one of those people watching.

Here's what Snyder had to say about Johnson in Tuesday's press conference:

"He's a tremendously talented little player. He has tremendous speed, which is what most people would identify him as someone who runs extremely fast. I think he is a very talented running back in regards to having good vision and being able to know where the holes open up. He has good movement, so he can move laterally as well as straight ahead. He has good quickness to go along with his speed, and I think that he is perhaps probably growing as a receiver as well. They utilize him a lot of different ways, so that tells me he can do a lot of different things."

While these are undoubtedly quite flattering words, what Snyder had to say isn't exactly a secret to anyone who watched Johnson rack up 135 yards and two touchdowns on just seven carries in last Saturday's 41-32 victory over Boston College.

The real question that fans are wondering though is how Snyder and his 21st-ranked Wildcats will stop the ACC rookie of the week. Then again, if they're looking for inspiration, perhaps they should just go re-watch last season's 28-24 victory over the Hurricanes in which Kansas State's defense stood strong to prevent a late comeback attempt by Miami.

Well, it's either that or outscore them by putting up another 50+ point game for the second straight week.

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