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Miami's Al Golden Says Kansas State 'Outcoached And Outplayed Us'

Following Kansas State's dominant 52-13 win over his team, Miami Hurricanes head coach Al Golden complemented the Wildcats' preparation and performance. When asked if the game turned on a particular play, Golden told reporters:

"There are a lot of plays. We had a bunch of opportunities to score in the red zone. We only had one takeaway. There were just a bunch of turning points, I will just have to go back and check the film. One play was not the difference in the game. They out coached us and they out played us."

Miami offensive lineman Jonathan Feliciano was also complimentary of Kansas State:

"K-State is a good team upfront and all the way around. They did not do anything that really surprised us, they just executed what they wanted to do and you have to take your hat off to them."

The WIldcats, who entered yesterday's game ranked No. 21, face North Texas Saturday night in Manhattan. Miami will look to rebound against Bethune-Cookman.

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