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Bill Snyder compliments Charlie Weis as a 'fine, fine coach'

Bill Snyder thinks highly of Charlie Weis

Ed Zurga - Getty Images

Kansas head coach Bill Snyder will lead his No. 7 Kansas State Wildcats against the Charlie Weis-coached Kansas Jayhawks on Saturday. Earlier this week, Snyder was complimentary of his counterpart during the team's weekly media session:

"I think Charlie is a very, very fine coach. He has got a very fine staff. He has got good administration. (KU Athletics Director) Sheahon (Zenger) is in a very positive leadership role. I think they are working diligently to do so, and I see progress. They have played at a lot of venues and a lot of different areas, so I understand what the process is and Charlie does too."

Snyder said Weis' offensive schemes always pose a problem for opposing coaches in preparation:

"As a coach, I think his history precedes him. He is awfully good. It is hard to prepare your defense against him. You are not all together certain of what you are going to get. I think they do a nice job. A lot cannot change up schematically a great deal and be able to execute effectively, and I think that is something that they do that I admire. They are able to go from a variety of offensive schemes and still the execution is good, which tells me that the position coaches are coaching quite well."

Kansas State hosts Kansas in the annual Sunflower Showdown on Saturday at 11 a.m. CT. The game will be televised by FX.