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Mizzou Football's Defensive MVP May Be Defensive Coordinator

David Ubben of had a nice, quick write-up on the Missouri Tigers at midseason. Ubben points out that they've done an excellent job to start the season 5-0 for the fourth time since 2006.

He also hands out his midseason awards. I found the defensive MVP very interesting (and probably true):

Defensive MVP: DC Dave Steckel – Missouri's battled injuries and suspensions all season, but Steckel, who took over as coordinator after the 2008 season, has kept his unit together and better than it's been in a long time. The Tigers have played without star defensive end Aldon Smith (broken fibula), linebacker Will Ebner (suspension), linebacker Luke Lambert (hamstring) and safeties Jarrell Harrison (meniscus) and Jasper Simmons (knee injury, suspension), who are all major contributors.

That is quite a few players. I guess I hadn't really seen the run down of all of them. Mizzou's scoring defense stands at 3rd in the country right now. That's impressive (even if it is barely into Big 12 season).