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Mizzou Tigers Will Leave Missouri For The First Time This Year

When the Mizzou Tigers line up on to play Texas A&M in College Station, Texas it will be the first time this year they've played in a state not named Missouri. They kicked off the season on a neutral field in St. Louis against Illinois and then four straight home games.

Now they sit at 5-0.

"We’re getting better each week and with a lot of the little things, attention to detail things that we need to do and we haven’t arrived in any way, I’m not implying that, we’ve got some great tests ahead of us, including this week, but it seems like we’re playing real well as a team, together, as a unit," said coach Gary Pinkel.

(And they're underdogs.)

It'll be interesting to see how long Mizzou's defense can keep this up. They're in the top three in scoring defenses for the NCAA coming off of a shutout of Colorado last week. That was an awfully good game against a Big 12 opponent. Texas A&M is the biggest test yet.

The rest of the way, they'll travel to Lincoln, Neb., Lubbock, Texas, Ames, Iowa and Kansas City.