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Mizzou Football Enters Toughest Two-Game Stretch Of The Year

Mizzou football is coming up on its toughest two-game stretch of the season.

The 2010 Missouri Tigers are off to a terrific start in the 2010 college football season. They're sitting at 6-0 and now staring at their toughest two-game stretch of the year.

On Saturday they'll stay in Columbia to host BCS No. 1 Oklahoma and then go on the road to Lincoln to face Nebraska. Those are arguably the top two teams in the Big 12 (outside of Mizzou....and maybe Oklahoma State).

Mizzou will be 'dogs against both Oklahoma and Nebraska. Of course, they were also underdogs against Texas A&M and ended up pulling out a 21-point victory.



Where: Columbia, Missouri

This is a pretty huge game for Mizzou. I mean...really big. ESPN'S College GameDay is coming. Oklahoma is the first No. 1 BCS of the season. It's at home.

Most folks I talk to predict an Oklahoma blowout. I'm not buying that. I think with Mizzou's defense this game will definitely be competitive. I'm not predicting a Mizzou win but I am predicting this thing doesn't get out of hand.



Where: Lincoln, Nebraska

This will be an interesting game and one that I think may depend on what happens in Oklahoma. Not beating Oklahoma and getting hyped up for that game could lead to a letdown game against Nebraska.


I'm not sure you can realistically hope/expect Mizzou to come out of this 2-0 and eyeing the end of the schedule that includes Texas Tech, Kansas State, Iowa State and Kansas.  My guess is they'll snag an upset victory in one of these games and they'll fall in another.

Going 1-1 down this stretch makes Mizzou's season potentially very special. Sitting at one loss with a win over Oklahoma or at Nebraska on your resume would be in an awfully nice position.

For now, Mizzou faces Oklahoma this Saturday. There's plenty of reason for the Tigers to come out firing on all cylinders and bringing plenty of energy to the field. It should be a good one (as ESPN's College GameDay would tell you).