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Danario Alexander's Deal With The Rams Is Four Years

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The St. Louis Rams last week signed former Mizzou WR Danario Alexander off of their practice squad. Generally practice squad guys will be signed to deals of three or less years but Alexander got four, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

As if to re-emphasize the team's long-term commitment, Alexander was signed to a four-year contract Tuesday when promoted to the active roster. Not that he's set for life financially. It's basically the equivalent of what a seventh-round draft choice would get.

In the NFL guaranteed money is what matters so he's not making big bucks (by NFL standards). But the four-year deal -- and not a three-year deal -- shows that the Rams are serious about Alexander. Fantasy football gurus at Rotoworld are already talking about him.

Rookie WR Danario Alexander was given a four-year contract when the Rams signed him off the practice squad in Week 6. We've never heard of a practice squad player signing longer than a three-year deal. It's pretty clear that the Rams knew they had something big in Alexander, and he immediately met expectations in a four-catch, 72-yard, one-touchdown NFL debut.