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Mizzou DE Aldon Smith Making Progress; Works With No. 2 Defense

Earlier this week Mizzou DE Aldon Smith said he would play against Oklahoma this weekend over a month after suffered a fractured fibula. Head coach Gary Pinkel told reporters that Smith's practice on Tuesday and Wednesday would help determine if he's ready.

He's making some progress getting back out on the practice field, according to Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune.

Mizzou DE Aldon Smith worked with No. 2 defense during walk-thru portion of practice. Did some light running & drills, no red jersey

Good start for him. I can't imagine he'd be missing Saturday's game against Oklahoma. It's the biggest game of the year for Mizzou and it sounds like Smith has been getting healthier.

It would be good timing if he could come back against BCS No. 1 Oklahoma.