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Oklahoma vs. Mizzou: Bob Stoops Calls MU Toughest Opponent Yet, Likes Blaine Gabbert

Oklahoma has already played Texas and Florida State this year but head coach Bob Stoops calls the Mizzou Tigers the Sooners' toughest test yet.

He says they're "really playing great" coming off of a 30-9 victory over Texas A&M.

Last week against A&M, Mizzou QB Blaine Gabbert really came alive and had a great day. Prior to that he hadn't been putting up the numbers I thought he would. Stoops says he's running the Gary Pinkel offense much like Chase Daniel did.

"What you see to this point just like (Daniel) did, is just very efficient, smart with where he wants to go with the football," Stoops said. "They understand their offense and he executes it well. he throws a good ball, he's got good pocket presence. All those things."

Mizzou will need Gabbert to be efficient, very efficient. Even with that highly ranked Mizzou defense, they'll need points and lots of 'em.

Stoops says the keys to Missouri still start up front, even though they're a dynamic offense. He says that will help with the screens. And then he says you need to be able to tackle well in space, which Oklahoma does.