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Mizzou Coach Gary Pinkel On DE Aldon Smith: 'He's Ready'

Mizzou DE Aldon Smith has been recovering from a fractured fibula and hasn't played for the last month. He was thought to have a chance to play last week but ultimately Mizzou head coach Gary Pinkel said he wasn't ready.

This week Mizzou needs all the help they can get against the BCS No. 1 Oklahoma Sooners. So will Smith be ready to roll? Here's Pinkel on 610 Sports with Bob Fescoe Wednesday morning:

Yeah he's ready. As long as he can go 100 percent that's fine. He can't play limping. He knows that. We really want him back bad. It'll help us to get him back as a starter. Obviously we're going to rtotate a lot of players through. He's had a great attitude. He wanted to play last week but he just wasn't quite ready. We didn't put him on the depth chart because we weren't just sure.

This is good news. Mizzou's defense ranked second nationally and half those games have been without Smith so it will be very interesting to see how good this group can be with one of their most dynamic defensive linemen.