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Okahoma vs. Mizzou: Sooners Figure Out How To Pressure Tigers QB Blaine Gabbert

The Oklahoma Sooners head to Columbia, MO on Saturday to face the Missouri Tigers. The biggest challenge for Oklahoma, who is BCS No. 1, will be figuring out how to stop QB Blaine Gabbert. Stopping a QB generally involves getting some sort of pressure on him and Gabbert is among the best at avoiding pressure.

Via The Oklahoma Daily:

"We certainly hope we can pressure him enough to flush him out and then have somebody right there to take care of him," Wright said. "When I say flush him, I don’t mean flush him out and let him run free by any means; schematically, we have to flush him and out and move him and then have somebody ready for him. Generally, all of our packages do have something like that."

Gabbert's been sacked eight times this season and is big enough to shrug off some sacks. If Gabbert can stay clean, Mizzou's offense should be able to hang. If Gabbert's jersey has grass stains on it by the end of the game, then it may be a long road for Mizzou.