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Bill Self Says Mizzou Basketball Has Country's Attention

Good news for Mizzou basketball. The Tigers have the nation's attention, if you're to believe Kansas head coach Bill Self.

Via the KC Star:

"To me there is an appearance that there is national respect," Self said Thursday at the Big 12 men’s basketball media day at the Sprint Center.

"From my perspective, Mike’s done a fabulous job. The players are good, and they’re going to be good every year. Every coach in this league knows they’re going to be good every year."

The best solution to finding out how whether you're nationally respected is to follow the money. The KC Star does just that in explaining why Mizzou's different this year.

Missouri didn’t have to pay Georgetown to come to the Midwest. Georgetown didn’t demand a return game back East. Georgetown was looking for a game against a high-major school that would enhance the Hoyas’ strength of schedule for NCAA Tournament selection.

Indeed a big time program grabbing a win over Mizzou is now described with words like "impressive" instead of "expected".

Anyone else jacked up for this year? It's going to be awesome.