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Mizzou Fans Set New ESPN College GameDay Attendance Record

Uh...I suggested there were "a few thousand" people at ESPN's College GameDay in Columbia, MO for the Oklahoma Sooners vs. Mizzou Tigers game.

I was wrong. Way wrong.

An ESPN spokesperson tells KBIA Sports Extra in Columbia....

ESPN spokesman says attendance was estimated at 18,000--a new GameDay record.

Are you serious Mizzou fans?

I thought this was one of the top five most anticipated games in Mizzou football history. This may be more like a top 3 anticipation level. Multiple times throughout the show the hosts on ESPN's College GameDay have commented on how loud the Mizzou fan base is. They're also saying they've never seen so many signs.

Wow Mizzou fans. On a national stage you know how to show up.

Now let's see if your team can.