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Oklahoma vs. Mizzou: Blaine Gabbert Was The Best Player On The Field

I don't know why QB Blaine Gabbert wasn't a significant factor in the All-Big 12 QB decision but he should have been.

In the biggest game of the year for Mizzou, Gabbert stepped it up. More specifically, in the biggest quarter of the year for Mizzou, Gabbert stepped it up.

The Tigers entered the fourth quarter down 21-20 and most of their momentum taken out of the sails. Gabbert fixed that problem completing 8-of-9 passes in the fourth quarter for 95 yards.

The Tigers fourth quarter drives: Touchdown, field goal, touchdown.

Gabbert was efficient completing 30-of-42 passes on the game. He was dangerous throwing for over 300 yards. He was effective on third downs. Mizzou did a lot of things right on Saturday night in Columbia, MO and Gabbert was one of those things.

Missouri controlling the ball for 21 1/2 of the second half's 30 minutes. The Sooners making just seven first downs after halftime. Mizzou outgaining OU 287-101 in second-half yards.

That's what beat the Sooners. That's what knocked OU from the No. 1 perch that now can be somebody else's problem.

This is what Mizzou needed. On a national stage they needed their biggest star to rise to the occasion and he did.