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College Football Rankings; Baylor Replaces Texas In USA Today/Coaches Poll

Is this still the Big 12?

In the last year we'll see 12 teams in the Big 12 the traditional powerhouses aren't dominating this conference.

Instead it's Mizzou's who's the real strong point of this conference. They're sitting at 7-0 and in control of the conference with a trip to Lincoln on the schedule.

Here's how the Big 12 shakes out in the USA Today / Coaches Poll.

- No. 8 Missouri
- No. 11 Oklahoma
- No. 12 Nebraska
- No. 20 Oklahoma State
- No. 24 Baylor

Texas lost to Iowa State this week knocking them out of the top 25. Welcoming into the top 25 is.....Baylor? Yes, Baylor is ranked ahead of Texas. Strange world we live in.

After two months of the Big 12, it's MIzzou who's in the driver's seat.