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College Football Rankings: Mizzou is 7th Best Team In Country, AP Poll Says

Mizzou is a top 10 team according to the latest college football rankings.

After being ranked 18th in the AP poll last week, the Mizzou Tigers vaulted up to No. 7 this week.

It's simply an incredible ride for Mizzou to this point. They haven't showed any significant weaknesses, their defense is strong, the quarterback is efficient, running game tends to dominate at times and they've already beaten the No. 1 team in the country.

What else do you need?

The Tigers, ranked No. 7 in the AP poll, now face Nebraska in Lincoln.

Last week's game against Oklahoma was huge. Very huge, actually. But now, as it goes in college football, the next game is the biggest. The Tigers face Nebraska on Saturday and, if they can get it done there, the questions of running the table truly start.