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ABC Must Like Mizzou: 7 P.M. Start For Texas Tech Game

Mizzou football must be for real. The way to find these sorts of things out is to follow the money and right now that's national TV For the Tigers.

ABC announced that Mizzou's game against Texas Tech on Nov. 6 has been picked up by ABC as its 7:00 p.m. game. That game could potentially be very, very big for Mizzou as they enter Lincoln this weekend undefeated to face Nebraska.

Mizzou's game against the Huskers on Saturday will be shown at 2:30 on ABC.

Mizzou's most recent game -- against then No. 1 Oklahoma -- came on ABC's evening game. They looked good then so apparently ABC wants to get as much Mizzou as it can.

This is good news for Mizzou because it gives them even more reason to get excited for the game but it's also good for the Tigers financially with the Big 12's wacky revenue sharing system.

Mizzou on ABC for three weeks in a row. Not bad, right?