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Mizzou vs. Nebraska: Huskers' Carl Pelini Says Tigers Want To Run The Ball

The Mizzou Tigers head to Lincoln on Saturday to play the Nebraska Corn Huskers. There are a lot of the keys to the game but the most intriguing matchup with be Mizzou's offense against Nebraska's defense. The Tigers have been pretty successful throwing the ball this season. Blaine Gabbert has no picks in Big 12 play and seemed to step his game up in the last month. The Tigers don't rush much -- they're last in the Big 12 in attempts -- but they can be effective if necessary, as Oklahoma and the 178 rush yards they gave up would tell you.

Mizzou's offense isn't afraid to switch it up to what's working, like the rush game last week. The Tigers don't have to throw the ball for 40 times for 400 yards every game. They're capable of doing a lot of different things. Nebraska's Carl Pelini says one of the keys to Mizzou -- or any offense, really -- is making them one dimensional.

Carl Pelini said the Tigers' opponents haven't forced them into situations where they have to be one-dimensional as an offensive unit. In every game, Missouri's had the openings to run, whenever it wanted.

"They're a physical offensive team," Pelini said. "You can talk all you want about their throwing game, which is good. I still think they're a team that wants to establish the running game."

That's a great point and Mizzou, like most offenses, would be susceptible if the defense could focus on one area. The rushing game for Missouri is probably a little underrated as they're a talented group. We'll see if they can shut down at least one part of Mizzou's game.