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Some People Aren't Happy After Mizzou Students Arrested For Rushing Field Vs. Oklahoma

About 30 students were arrested on Saturday night in Columbia, MO for rushing the field after Mizzou beat then No. 1 Oklahoma. The formal charge is trespassing even though nearly everyone rushed that field.

Now State Sen. Kurt Schaefer asked the police to reconsider in a news release:

"Many of these individuals arrested are students who will now have to face the task of looking for a job after graduation with a criminal record," Schaefer said. "Perhaps we could look for a compromise given the excitement of the moment this event generated."

Schaefer calls for the charges to be dropped to something lesser. The MU Students Association is also looking to "stand up" for the students..

The problem, as MSA accurately points out, is that Mizzou is profiting off of the students illegal behavior. On the one hand, these students are arrested for rushing the field. On the other hand the school is profiting off of the pictures of the students rushing the field being sold.

Why is Mizzou profiting off of students breaking the law?