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College Football Rankings: Mizzou Sixth In BlogPoll; Gets One First Place Vote

SB Nation's BlogPoll is a top 25 of college football rankings voted on by a number of blogs from across the blogosphere. The rankings usually matchup up somewhat well with the AP, USA Today/Coaches and BCS standings. This week Mizzou lines up perfectly with the BCS rankings coming in at sixth.

Mizzou is seventh in the AP poll and 8th in the USA Today/Coaches poll.

What's surprising here is that Mizzou also received one first place from the blog Boys of Florida. Here's their reasoning:

Auburn was a close call for me. But Missouri has a much better scoring defense (13.14 ppg v. 23.5 ppg). They have about the same scoring offenses (34.71 ppg for Mizzou to 38.63 ppg for AU) and virtually the same SOS. It was Mizzou's defense that gave them the edge.

I can't blame them for that. Mizzou's defense is what's vaulting them into the conversation from a national perspective. Mizzou's next opponent, Nebraska, hops up two spots to No. 14 in the BlogPoll.