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College Football Picks: Most Picking Nebraska Over Mizzou

14th ranked Nebraska is a touchdown favorite over 6th ranked Missouri. The Mizzou Tigers come into this game on a hot streak winning seven in a row this season and sitting undefeated this far into the season for only the second time. It's been quite the ride for Mizzou and the only way it can truly continue at this level is with a Nebraska victory.

It doesn't have to be pretty but it's gotta be a win. The Tigers have so much going for them right now and they know they're capable of beating the Huskers. It's just a matter of doing it.

Here's who is picking who in this game:

CBS Sports: Four of five picks Nebraska over Mizzou

Yahoo! Sports: Five of five pick Nebraska over Mizzou

NBC Sports: Nebraska over Mizzou (26-23)

KMOX CBS: One pick Nebraska over Mizzou (31-30) and one pick Mizzou over Nebraska (34-31)

ESPN's Big 12 blog: Mizzou over Nebraska (31-27)

Most are picking Nebraska to win but you see some Mizzou picks in there. There's a seven point line on this game and that seems high particularly with the way Mizzou is playing on defense this year. I see this being more of a field goal game than a touchdown game.