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Mizzou vs. Nebraska: Where Are The Huskers Vulnerable?

Mizzou has spent a good amount of time over the last year preparing for Nebraska's defense as the coaching staff has talked about doing some homework over the offseason. The Tigers have a very capable offense even though it's the defense that's been getting headlines. I think what many people noticed last week about Mizzou's offense was how effective they are running the ball.

On Saturday Mizzou will likely be hoping to run it again because, as SB Nation's Corn Nation writes, Nebraska have had at least some issues in that area this year -- of course, no defense is better without Ndamukong Suh.

By themselves, the front four aren't generating a lot of quarterback pressure, which answers your point about pass blocking. Part of that is by design, the linemen play two-gaps, allowing linebackers and safeties to make plays. Against the run, it's been more of a linebacker issue, pointing to inexperience more than anything. 

Mizzou's best asset offensively is QB Blaine Gabbert and against Nebraska he'll have quite the test as the secondary is no joke.

Secondary is not only experienced and crazy good, but has plenty of depth as well so they do an exceptional job of playing man coverage. They've given up very few big plays this season, even though Okie State's Justin Blackmon gave them some fits last week. I would expect them to cover Missouri's receivers well across the board. 

I'm very interested to see this matchup. Mizzou can get a huge advantage if they're able to run the ball and I think they'll be able to. Gabbert doesn't necessarily need a huge day but he needs an efficient, mistake-free day. That's what he's been doing lately and he needs to do it again.

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