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College Football Rankings, Big 12: Kansas Falls To The Bottom

Kansas is having a rough go at it after being blown out against Baylor on Saturday, 55-7.

SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk ranks the Big 12 teams every week so here's a look at where they have their very own KU Jayhawks.

12. Kansas (2-3)

Rock Chalk Talk says....

I tried my best to move this team up the list and believe but at this point 12 is where they are and 12 is where they'll stay until they can do it for more than one week in a row.  Sure the Jayhawks might squeak out a win at home somewhere, but until they compete consistently and win more than one in a row I'm not jumping back on the believe bandwagon.  At this point I want progress and signs of improvement to make me think there is hope for the future.

They're dropped from No. 9 in RCT's rankings last week but dead last is probably right for KU after Saturday's 55-7 beating courtesy of Baylor.

Check out what the fans are saying over at Rock Chalk Talk.