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Mizzou Football Players Talk About The Start Of Big 12 Play Against Colorado

The Mizzou Tigers football team is doing something right. They've ended their non-conference schedule at 4-0, which is where everyone expected them to be with three of the four games as blowouts.

This week QB Blaine Gabbert and C Tim Barnes talked with reporters about the start of Big 12 conference play.

QB Blaine Gabbert

"It's Big 12 Conference play," Gabbert said. "We ended the non-conference season 4-0 like we wanted but now the games are tough every week. Everybody is a competitive team in the Big 12 and we're excited to play Colorado."

C Tim Barnes

"After beating Georgia last weekend they are going to come out here ready to go," senior center Tim Barnes said. "We have beaten them the last few years. I know they're probably tired of it so they're probably going to come out here wanting to get after us. We have to make sure we come out here prepared to play four full quarters and play our best game. It's Big 12 now so we have to be prepared."