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Mizzou Football Snags A Safety Against Colorado

Mizzou football got an unconventional score to kick things off in Columbia, MO at Faurot Field.

QB Tyler Hansen and the Colorado offense started a drive from their own one yard-line in the first quarter.

Hansen dropped on the play-action pass and, not finding anyone, threw it about 20 yards down the field with no one around the ball. It looked like his tight end was supposed to be going on a wheel route down the sidelines.

Flags came down and after some discussion, they ruled it intentional grounding on Hansen in the end zone which is a safety.

Mizzou takes a 2-0 lead over Colorado in the first quarter.

As the announcers pointed out, Hansen was likely taught to overthrow your outlet when you need to throw it away. The tight end looked like he was trying to chip the end and then go out on a route but just couldn't get out on time.

Bad timing and bad execution on Colorado's part.

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