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Halftime: Mizzou Leads Colorado 19-0; Defense Playing 'Exceptional'

The Missouri Tigers lead the Colorado Buffaloes 19-0 at halftime in Columbia, MO at Faurot Field.

Mizzou head coach Gary Pinkel spoke briefly on the FOX Sports telecast at halftime of the game.

On the offensive line and the rest of the offense in the first half:

Well you have to give them credit because, early, we really struggled, and we're still having trouble running the ball a little bit. We got it going a little bit. Defense is playing exceptionally well and we got some big plays from the kicking game. We just have to go in and figure out if we want to play better in the second half.

On what needs to be worked on in the second half:

I think our kickoff coverage, we're concerned about that. They got some great field position on that. And then we have to continue to play good defense and we've got an entire half.

We'll have to revisit these after the game to see whether whatever second half adjustments were made worked.