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Mizzou Football Recruit Sheldon Richardson Changes His Mind, Picks USC

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Mizzou's prized football recruit is no more. Sheldon Richardson says he has changed his commitment from Mizzou to USC. The move shouldn't come as a huge surprise but it moved quickly. Here's what's been happening with Richardson over the past weeks....

Three weeks ago after the Oklahoma game (Power

"I'm still a strong commit. I'm sure after beating Oklahoma I don't want to go anywhere else. Why would I? They've shown they can beat the best of the best. That's the same team I committed to."

One week ago (

"I'm still taking these visits to make sure Missouri is really the home for me. It came down to Missouri and Miami before. Missouri had a rough season the year I was supposed to be there. They ended up 8-4 or 8-5 and lost a bowl game to Navy. That rocky start made me wonder if it was a good fit. Then I started looking at the players they sent to the NFL. I mean, USC produces even more of those players and they have more tradition.

"Missouri has a building tradition, I feel. They don't have the tradition of national championships and Heisman Trophy winners USC has. I want to see that. I feel like if you have strong traditions as a university, then I'm most definitely interested."

And now this (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)...Richardson has changed his commitment to USC.

Richardson, considered a 5-star recruit out of high school, said he still plans to take other recruiting visits, most likely to Miami, California and Arizona State. He was vague when asked whether he had told MU of his decision yet.

"Uh, back and forth. I'm going to call them later," he said. "It's kind of hard to tell them I'm not going there no more. Or I think I'm not going no more."

He cites Monte Kiffin's NFL experience as part of the reason. But he doesn't mention that he won't be taking part in a national title race since USC's sanctions and he also doesn't mention, as Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune pointed out last week, his defense is hardly dominant.