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BCS Bowl Projections: Auburn Vs. Oregon Headlines; Best One-Loss Matchup?

New, 1 comment passes along a few predicted BCS bowl matchups including the title game, Auburn vs. Oregon. That's no surprise as it appears these teams may just go undefeated. Auburn still has Alabama and the SEC championship game to worry about while Oregon is expected to run the table.

The Rose Bowl would feature Wisconsin vs. TCU, (arguably) the top one-loss team against undefeated TCU, who would knock out Boise State.

The Sugar Bowl would feature one-loss Ohio State vs. LSU. That's would be a great matchup and one I imagine SEC and Big Ten fans would like to see.

The Fiesta Bowl would be Nebraska vs. Pittsburgh, which along with the Orange Bowl of Virginia Tech vs. Oklahoma, would be the least sexy of the BCS bowls.

And Mizzou would play in...a non-BCS bowl. The Tigers could go 10-2 but there's not much hope for any BCS action for them. That ended when they lost to Texas Tech (or more likely against Nebraska the week before).