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Missouri Tigers Vs. Iowa State Cyclones: Mizzou Enters As Heavy Favorite

The Missouri Tigers are heavy favorites to beat the Iowa State Cyclones in Ames, Iowa on Saturday. Vegas is saying Mizzou is an 11 point favorite to beat Iowa State. I'm surprised it's not even higher considering Iowa State will be without their starting quarterback.

Austen Arnaud was injured last week against the Colorado Buffaloes and was replaced by Jerome Tiller, who had a decent day according to SB Nation's Clone Chronicles.

On a more positive note, Jerome Tiller played at a higher level than I've ever seen him play, after Arnaud went down. If he does go out and lead Iowa State to a bowl game, he'll be a virtual lock for the starting QB position next Fall.

Sounds like this is a big game for Tiller.

The Cyclones are trying to become bowl eligible on Saturday which is their regular season finale.

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