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Missouri Tigers Vs. Iowa State Cyclones: S Jarrell Harrison's Move To LB

The Missouri Tigers have been hit hard with injuries in at linebacker -- from Donovan Banner to Luke Lambert to Will Ebner, it's hard to remember what it was like when Mizzou was fully healthy. Because of all those injuries at linebacker, the Tigers will move Jarrell Harrison from safety to linebacker this weekend.

"We were getting kind of slim in there," Harrison said. "I just told them (the coaches), ‘Whatever you need me to do.’"

He played some inside linebacker last week after having only a week of practice. The result? Not bad, Gary Pinkel says.

"It’s been very, very difficult," Pinkel said. "I think Jarrell went in and did a good job. I mean, you move a guy from safety to inside linebacker and he plays, that says so much about him."

Certain safeties are targeted as potential linebackers. If those of you in Kansas City remember, Bernard Pollard was asked to move to safety because he had the size, like Harrison does, but also he was more of a hitter than a coverage guy. For Mizzou, I think this is an advantage since Harrison knows more about the defense and has coverage skills.