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Missouri Tigers Win Despite No One Scoring In Double Digits

The Missouri Tigers were 26.5 point favorites over the Western Illinois Leathernecks but didn't even come close to that line as they walked away with a five point victory. This was likely just a bump in the road for Mizzou but they notched the victory in what was truly a team effort.

Mizzou put up 66 points and did not have a player in double digits. They had four tied with nine points but none reached 10.  That's a little odd, no?

The guys at the KC Star's Upon Further Review have dug up the last time Mizzou won without any double digit scorers.

Missouri won the game despite not having a player reach double figures. The last time Mizzou won a game without a double-figure scorer was Feb. 12, 1951 vs. Kansas in Columbia. The final score of that game was 39-38.

And the last time it happened at all? March 10, 1995 in the Big Eight post-season tournament.