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BCS Bowl Projections: Nebraska's Loss Opens Small Door For Mizzou In Big 12

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The Missouri Tigers have a very small chance -- but still a chance -- to win the Big 12 North. The Tigers are 5-2 and the Nebraska Cornhuskers loss to the Texas A&M Aggies on Saturday night moves them to 5-2. They are tied in record but Nebraska holds the head-to-head tiebreaker on Mizzou.

Next week Missouri will play Kansas at Arrowhead Stadium in the regular season finale. Nebraska will host Colorado. So Mizzou's only hope is that Nebraska somehow loses to Colorado.

Yeah, the same Colorado that fired their head coach two weeks ago. And the same head Colorado that gave up five fourth quarter touchdowns in a historic loss to Kansas.

A Nebraska loss next week would move them to 5-3 in the conference and 9-3 overall. A Mizzou win would move them to 6-2 in the conference and 10-2 overall.

A little far-fetched? Maybe. But it's something.