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College Football Rankings: Mizzou Ahead Of Nebraska In AP Poll

College football rankings for Week 13 are filtering in and in the latest AP poll the Oklahoma Sooners are back ahead of the Missouri Tigers. Last week the 15th ranked Tigers hopped the 16th ranked Sooners but this week OU is back ahead. Oklahoma comes in at No. 14 while the Tigers are No. 15.

The top five goes like this: Oregon, Auburn, Boise State, TCU and Wisconsin.

With Nebraska's loss last week, Oklahoma State becomes the top ranked Big 12 team at No. 10. They're followed by Oklahoma at No. 14, Mizzou at No. 15, Nebraska at No. 16 and Texas A&M at No. 17. The Cornhuskers lost last week to the Texas A&M Aggies so they're dropping from No. 9 last week.

It's interesting to note the difference between the AP and USA Today Coaches' poll for these Big 12 teams. In the USA Today poll, Oklahoma is No. 13, Nebraska is No. 15 and Mizzou is No. 16. The AP poll has Missouri behind Nebraska.

The Missouri Tigers will face the Kansas Jayhawks next week while the Nebraska Cornhuskers will host the Colorado Buffaloes. A Nebraska loss would be very good for Mizzou, who stands tied with Nebraska in the Big 12 North right now.

Here's the full AP poll:

  1. Oregon
  2. Auburn
  3. Boise State
  4. TCU
  5. Wisconsin
  6. LSU
  7. Stanford
  8. Ohio State
  9. Alabama
  10. Oklahoma State
  11. Michigan State
  12. Arkansas
  13. Virginia Tech
  14. Oklahoma
  15. Missouri
  16. Nebraska
  17. Texas A&M
  18. South Carolina
  19. Nevada
  20. Arizona
  21. North Carolina State
  22. Florida State
  23. Utah
  24. Iowa
  25. Mississippi State