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Did Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez Quit? No, But Mizzou Might Wish He Did

The Missouri Tigers are now tied atop the Big 12 North with the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The only problem is that Nebraska holds the tiebreaker so any chance of Mizzou making it to the Big 12 championship game must include a Huskers loss next week against Colorado.

Unfortunately, Nebraska is too good for them to slip up against the Buffaloes. There would need to be some sort of significant distraction for that to happen. Something that would take the team's attention away from the opposing team. Maybe some sort of controversy involving a star player.

Enter QB Taylor Martinez.

Rumors swirling regarding Taylor Martinez's status with team. Three sources have told me he did not attend team meetings today.

That comes after head coach Bo Pelini had a few words with Martinez. This "distraction" won't be long-term as multiple folks are now saying Martinez has not quit the team. Per ESPN's Joe Schad:

Taylor Martinez's HS coach, Matt Logan, told me he just spoke w the QB, who said: "Everything is fine. I haven't quit the team."

So he didn't quit. But I imagine the Missouri Tigers wouldn't mind if he did quit before the Colorado game.