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Missouri Tigers Vs. Kansas Jayhawks: Mizzou Is A 25-Point Favorite

College football oddmakers have spoken and they like the Missouri Tigers over the Kansas Jayhawks. A lot.

Like, by nearly four touchdowns.

The line for this weekend's game between Missouri and Kansas is sitting at 25 points in favor of Mizzou. Looking at it by the stats, Missouri is a much, much better team. There's really no contest here. The Tigers offense is clearly much better and their defense has been playing, overall, at a high level this season.

Kansas hasn't generated much of anything offensively or defensively in any sort of consistent fashion. There's not much of a reason to think they have a chance in this game.

Except...this is a rivalry game. The last three games have been decided by 2, 3 and 8 -- two by Mizzou and one by Kansas. It seems like these types of games are always close.

Missouri is the better team but I'm thinking the line is too high right now.