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Difference Between Nebraska Cornhuskers' Bo Pelini And Missouri Tigers' Gary Pinkel

Missouri Tigers head coach Gary Pinkel and Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Bo Pelini have a few things in common, mainly a 9-2 football team. That record shows that both coaches are doing something right. However, they seem to go about it in completely opposite directions.

Pinkel is seen as very calm, almost emotionless on game day while Pelini is, well, most definitely not calm or emotionless. Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune has a nice story on the subject including this quote from Pinkel:

"That’s just my personality," he said. "I chose to do that. Not that I never get upset, that’s not true. But I’m better off when I stay in control. I always explain that to my players in August. ‘That’s what I do.’ With all the stuff going on out there, they’re going to look to me, ‘Hey, he’s still under control and we’re going to be OK.’ I hope it’s a bit of a calming factor."

Of course Pelini's been in the news lately for his sideline demeanor.

It's hard to say one way is better than the other. The BCS rankings say Mizzou is slightly ahead of Nebraska but these two teams are pretty equal in my mind and both head coaches have been essential to the process.