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Kansas State's Frank Martin On Duke: 'They Knocked The Living Piss Out Of Us

The Kansas State Wildcats met the Duke Blue Devils on Tuesday night at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo. The Wildcats were ranked No. 4 and the Blue Devils were No. 1 so it was a highly anticipated matchup that .... was basically a blowout.

The Blue Devils dominated from start to finish. Kansas State held an 11-9 lead at one point but after it wasn't pretty for K-State. They were never quite blown out of the game but they were consistently 8-10 points behind throughout the second half.

Kansas State's Frank Martin says simply: "They knocked the living piss out of us." He says if there' a better team in the country than Duke then he doesn't want to play them. Duke's performance was that complete.

Duke's defense just wouldn't let Kansas State do what it wanted -- that was the bottomline. Kansas State wanted to run on offense and Duke made them slow down. They were exposed in the half court offense. Add in there that Jacob Pullen couldn't do anything offensively -- he was 1-of-12 -- and you see why this game wasn't close.

The Wildcats are still a great team but Tuesday night was not their night.