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Bowl Projections: Nebraska's Friday Game Means Mizzou Will Know What Border War Means

The Missouri Tigers will face the Kansas Jayhawks on Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium for another edition of the Border War. Mizzou is a heavy favorite and they're expected to roll over KU on Saturday. Whether that game means much is another question.

Mizzou and the Nebraska Cornhuskers are tied for the lead in the Big 12 North but Nebraska holds the tiebreaker. They play on Friday against the Colorado Buffaloes. A Nebraska victory means Mizzou's game doesn't mean a whole lot other than positioning for a non-BCS bowl. A Nebraska loss means the Tigers have a shot at the Big 12 Championship game.

If the Huskers lose on Friday to Colorado -- which, to be fair, is very unlikely -- then Missouri's game against Kansas turns into the biggest one of the season.

A Nebraska loss will make this season even more special for Missouri because beating Kansas would give them the chance to play for a BCS bowl.

We'll find out Friday night.