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Kansas-Missouri Rivalry Is Better Than Texas-Oklahoma

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Or so says Todd Reesing.

The former Kansas Jayhawks quarterback is writing a book called Rising To New Heights: Inside The Jayhawks Huddle along with Kent Pulliam and an excerpt is provided at Reesing writes that he's seen the Texas-Oklahoma rivalry games and the Mizzou-Kansas rivalry tops it.

Coming from Austin, I knew the UT-OU rivalry that they play in the Cotton Bowl every year. In having gone to the games at the Cotton Bowl between OU and UT and having grown up going to UT games, I can say the hatred and intensity of the KU-Missouri game is way higher than the UT-OU game.

I gotta say that I agree (although I'm sure Texas and Oklahoma don't). The 2007 game Reesing describes in the excerpt (well worth the read, by the way) was among the best games I've ever seen and certainly the best I've ever been to. I remember getting tickets months ahead of time from a buddy and not thinking twice about the game.

Until the season started and they each kept winning...and winning...and winning. All of a sudden I realized just how huge this game was going to be. The split crowd, the night time game, the cold was all so perfect. It was a perfect college football environment and something I think Texas and Oklahoma would have a tough time duplicating.