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BCS Bowl Projections: Nebraska Victory Means Mizzou Misses Out

The Missouri Tigers had a shot to get into a BCS bowl even though the projections said it was unlikely. It wasn't a great shot but it was still a shot late in November. The Tigers needed the Colorado Buffaloes to beat the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Mizzou and Nebraska were tied for the Big 12 North lead and the Huskers owned the tiebreaker. That meant Mizzou needed to see Nebraska lose to Colorado on Friday and then turn around and beat the Kansas Jayhawks at Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday.

Unfortunately for the Tigers, only one of those happened. Mizzou didn't make it into the Big 12 Championship game and they won't see a BCS bowl. After starting out 7-0, I must say that's a bit of a disappointment.

There's also a thought process that's admittedly pretty far out there that could land Mizzou in the Orange Bowl. You'd have Auburn and Oregon in the National Championship game. The Rose Bowl would take TCU along with the Pac-10 champion, the Fiesta Bowl would take the Big 12 champion and the Big East champ. The Sugar Bowl would take the SEC runner-up and the Big Ten runner-up.

That would leave the Orange Bowl, who would take the ACC champion. Let's say Virginia Tech beats Florida State and becomes the ACC champion. This could be Stanford here but they don't travel very well. It could also be Mizzou. A long shot? Sure. But not completely out of the picture.