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Is Texas Tech A Get-Back-On-Track Game For Mizzou QB Blaine Gabbert?

Last week Mizzou QB Blaine Gabbert took a helmet-to-helmet hit from a Nebraska defender that put him on the ground for a few seconds. He got back up seemingly a little woozy and finished the game. This week Mizzou head coach Gary Pinkel said Gabbert was doing OK and he'd be ready this week despite the big hit.

Against Nebraska Mizzou's passing offense really struggled. They were held to a season-low 199 yards and Gabbert was sacked what seemed like every time he dropped back. It was actually six times but he had been sacked seven times all season so it was a big shock to Mizzou's passing offense.

On Saturday they face a Texas Tech team that ranks 119th against the pass. Clearly that's a significant advantage for Mizzou as they boast the nation's 23rd ranked passing offense. Texas Tech is no joke with their own passing offense so we can expect some points to be scored in this game.

This could be a great game for Gabbert to get back on track for the stretch run. He's Mizzou's most valuable offensive player -- probably most valuable player on the team -- so they need him firing on all cylinders as Mizzou faces a stretch of four teams are expected to beat.

I'm not suggesting Texas Tech is a pushover by any means -- well, maybe I'm suggesting their pass defense is -- but Gabbert and Mizzou's offense can use this game to help them put the Nebraska memories behind them and move on. They'll hope Mizzou's secondary will be able to do to Texas Tech what the Red Raiders secondary won't be able to do to Mizzou.