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BCS Rankings: Figuring Out What Happens In Top 10

The Missouri Tigers sit at 7-1 and ranked No. 12 in the BCS rankings. The Tigers will face Texas Tech this evening, a game in which they're four point road favorites. They'll be expected to take care of business in that game. So how high can Mizzou go in the next set of BCS standings released on Sunday?

No. 3 TCU plays No. 5 Utah meaning one of those teams will end up with a loss. I'm not sure how far either would drop but they could move beyond the Tigers (assuming they win).

No. 6 Alabama plays No. 10 LSU on Saturday. Folks will expect Alabama to take this one and if they do it does a couple of things. First, it puts an even stronger one-loss team (Alabama) ahead of Mizzou. Second, it would push LSU down the BCS standings potentially allowing Mizzou to move up.

If Missouri can beat Texas Tech, they could be moving up into the top 10 in the BCS rankings. They were as high as No. 6 after beating then-No. 1 Oklahoma.

In other possible (but unlikely) upsets, we've got No. 7 Nebraska playing Iowa State. Texas or Texas Tech can tell you about Iowa State but we'll still expect Nebraska to roll in this game. There's a minor upset alert on this one though.