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Missouri Tigers Vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders: What They're Saying About The Game

The Missouri Tigers enter Lubbock, Texas to play the Texas Tech Red Raiders on Saturday night. Mizzou is favored to win coming off of a loss to Nebraska. Here's what people are saying about the Missouri and Texas Tech game.

Texas Tech: Beyond the Box Score Preview - OFFENSE - Rock M Nation
It doesn't take long to figure out that this has been quite the up-and-down season for the Red Raiders so far. Points of encouragement have been quickly followed by reasons for pessimism. It would make sense that a new coach might struggle to adapt with players recruited for a Mike Leach system, but a combination of injuries and inexperience have hand-cuffed Tech, especially as of late.

Texas Tech: Beyond the Box Score Preview - DEFENSE - Rock M Nation
The good: Mizzou has vastly outplayed Tech for most of the season. The bad: the last two weeks, the two teams have played at a very similar level. The Oklahoma game did not necessarily help Mizzou's "+" ratings out as much as one would expect, as, once again, Mizzou didn't play amazingly well in that game (this lends credence to my theory that Mizzou's first-quarter slump was due as much to a "2009 Nebraska" hangover as an Oklahoma hangover). They were much better against A&M than against Oklahoma.

TIGER KICKOFF: Missouri football team eager for fast-paced game in Lubbock - Columbia Missourian
Missouri wide receiver Jerrell Jackson predicts "video game" numbers for this weekend's game, a prediction that both offenses can provide. "It's going to be fun," Jackson said. "It might be a shootout, a high scoring game. It has the potential to be. It's going to be fun to watch."

SATURDAY'S GAME: Missouri vs. Texas Tech | The Columbia Daily Tribune - Columbia, Missouri
On Missouri’s first practice after losing to Nebraska … "We were depressed. Coaches were depressed. Players were depressed. I think as practice moved on we got out of that, and they understood that when you wake up tomorrow, just like after the last seven wins, when you wake up and it’s Monday morning, that game’s over. … Hopefully, they’re on their way to the next situation."

Air raid precautions Tiger Extra - Mizzou Sports |
Coach Gary Pinkel leads the Missouri Tigers into Lubbock, Texas, tonight to take on the Texas Tech Red Raiders. The Tigers’ defense got ripped by Nebraska’s rushing attack in its lone loss this season, but Missouri has often matched up well against the Red Raiders’ spread passing offense. That may be a factor tonight, as the Red Raiders are embroiled in a quarterback controversy.

Video Breakdown: Texas Tech's multiple fronts - Rock M Nation
Tech throws multiple looks at teams prior to the snap, but while the Red Raiders might occasionally disguise where the pressure is coming from, they very rarely disguise when the pressure is coming. Frequently, Tech's base set shows four down linemen instead of three, and any variation from the "normal" nickel front they show on standard downs seems to tip off the pass rush. To illustrate Tech's different looks, I've pulled a couple of stills from one of Texas' early drives in Tech's 24-14 loss to the Longhorns in mid-September.